Index Seminum

Requests should be sent to:

93 Koltsova Street, # 48, Irkutsk, Russia, 664039


Description of the Garden’s Territory:

The Botanical Garden is located in Irkutsk on the left bank of the Angara River on the slope of Kaiska Mountain, at 52deg 16 min N and 104 deg 19 min E.  The area of the Garden is 27.08 hectares (70 acres).

The altitude of the Garden is 468 meters (1,535 feet) above sea level.  The climate is severely continental: the average temperature is 0.9 deg C (34 deg F), annual precipitation is 420 mm (16.5 inches), average growing season is 148 days, with an annual stretch without freezes of 98 days.  The lowest temperature is -50 deg C (-58 deg F), and the highest is 38 deg C (100 deg C).  The depth of snow ranges from 30 to 40 cm (12-16 inches).

The soil is standard, light-colored forest type.

The list of seeds available for exchange:

Delectus Seminum