The garden today

The Botanical Garden is an educational branch of Irkutsk State University (ISU).  Its territory is 30 hectares (74 acres), and includes the following collections, expositions, and display areas: the Ethnobotany Center, the Apothecary Garden, the Korean Garden, the Japanese Garden with plants from the “Green Legacy Hiroshima” project, the Heather Garden, a permanent collection of tropical and subtropical plants, and a tropical pond.  The ISU Botanical Garden has the largest collection of plants in Eastern Siberia, numbering about 5,000 species and varieties, including rare and endangered species that are noted in the Red Book of Endangered Species for Irkutsk Province and Russia.  The ISU Botanical Garden is listed in the International Registry of Botanical Gardens of the World.


The Korean Garden


The Korean Garden



 The Ethnobotany Center



The Apothecary Garden


The Nut alley


Barefoot sensory area


The Japanese Garden



A Tropical Pond