We invite volunteers to the Botanical Garden!

What opportunities await you?

·         Participation in rebuilding the eco-trail (trimming branches, digging out and removing brush);

·         Helping in to create a display garden of continually blooming plants;

·         Participation in rebuilding the large arboretum (caring for the tree collection, trimming and removing dead branches);

·         Participation in educational programs of the Botanical Garden (helping to conduct large-scale activities and events celebrating the natural environment, conducting games and master-classes with children, participation in summer programs for schoolchildren, etc.)

What will you receive in return?

·         You will get to work in the fresh air with an excellent team;

·         You will receive training in caring for plants, learn how to distinguish desirable plants from weeds, and discover for yourself many new species of plants;

·         You will take part in extremely important programs, doing work that is essential for our city and for our planet in general;

·         Volunteers who have contributed over 50 hours of their time will receive an ISU Botanical Garden Volunteer Certificate, which provides free admission to the Garden and all its events for one year.

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Iana Markova:  41-34-76, 97-91-41, 60-07-72